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Is that what you dream of?   Then let's make it happen!

BEGINNING July 1, 2010 - A series of where-tos, how-tos and why-tos to help YOU earn extra income online.

We all know someone suffering in this economy - and many of us have our own back against the wall financially.   I've been testing various methods and products for months trying to find a workable solution for those of your who need to make extra income or replace a full time income....and need it NOW.   Most of the products I tested fell far short and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone - yet the guru-folks who are selling these products are doing very well.   They know a desperate market when they see one.

It's time to fight back.   We don't know when the economy will improve; we don't know when jobs will start growing again.  What you can do is start now and resolve to make 2010 better for you and for your family.   You can do it but knowing where to start and what first steps to take is the hardest part of working online.   Let's get that part behind us in 2009 and be ready to run with it next year.

I've been surviving this economy because I've worked online for 10 years now.   I'm not a guru (and I'll whomp the first person who calls me that) but my efforts online have saved me in this bad economy.  You can do it, too.  Bookmark this site - on November 1 we're getting started!

If you find yourself reading sales pages and hoping THIS "secret method" or this "insider information the gurus don't tell you" will be THE answer to making extra income.....

STOP....STOP NOW.    Stop dreaming - and, most of all, stop buying dream from people who are only making money selling to you!!!

In the next few weeks I'm going to information on the best tools you can use for free and on the best ways to get started earning extra income.   I never planned this site to be a "how to" site but just as a general info site that would help readers focus on working online.

It's not enough.   Too many people need help and too many sites are just not providing any help but are only screaming "buy now".  So I'm taking the time to add some real information and resources - and explanations - that will help you understand how to work online.

And now back to our regular page ....

The Good News:   Almost anyone who can think, read and write can generate income online

The Bad News:  Much of what you read about making money online is dead wrong

I'VE HAD IT!  As someone who has worked online for ten years, I'm sick and tired of seeing new marketers trying to get started and being bombarded with one "secret method" or "magic bullet" after another.  I'm disgusted by the tricks used by those selling "make money" products and services and the deception of many of the sales latters.  I'm saddened when I see someone who had good potential simply give up because they've been able to do nothing but spend money and time and have no results to show for it.

What am I doing about it?  I'll give you the truth about getting started in internet marketing.  You'll learn the tools you need - and how to avoid junk you don't need at all.  Click on any word that is blue and you will find a short, to the point, explanation of that subject.  Links in the left hand column lead to "newbie speak" explanations of the topic. 

FACT:   all those pretty sites telling you it's easy and fast to get an online business to profit have one thing in common: 
  They are trying to sell you something.

There are no "secrets" - there is no "magic bullet".  Income doesn't just appear from nowhere online any more than it does offline.  The profit you make is a direct result of the decisions you make, the tools you use, and the work you do.     For every guru online peddling "how to make money" systems, there are hundreds of real people quietly working on sites in their small niches and making a great living doing it.

Let me ask you this:

1. How many ebooks have you purchased?
2 How many memberships have you joined?
3. Did you fall into the MLM trap yet?
4. Are you making money yet from these purchases?????

If the answers are
1.  a lot
2.  quite a few
3.  yes
4.  No

Then stick around.  Bookmark this site and start learning how to get started online.  Any ebook or report available here is the best that can be found on the topic at the lowest price it can be offered.  Any software I tell you about is a product I personally use and can fully recommend.  This site has been redesigned to help NEW marketers and I'm adding content and resources weekly so check back often.

#1 Question of New Marketers:

Can you start for free?  No, you really can't.  You are building a business and you need the very basic tools of the trade.

A musician doesn't make music without an instrument
A carpenter can't build without his tools
Every opportunity has a cost - but should provide a return for the investment of your time and money

Fortunately, to work on your computer you need only a few purchases and the monthly expenses are low.  There ARE some good free products - and I'll tell you about those, too.  You will find no cost methods for building your business but you will not find no-budget business models. 

The basic methods for earning income online are:

1 - selling other people's products (affiliate programs)
2 - selling your own products (ebooks, software you outsource creation of, etc)
3 - building a large website or group of websites and using programs such as Adsense or PPA (pay per action) programs on the sites
4 - providing a service (copywriting, building sites for others, doing the basic tasks outsourced by other internet marketers)

New marketers get lost because each of the above methods has steps to learn and requires basic knowledge of a few simple essentials.   So what do you do?   Do you quit because you don't know it all?   Or do you learn as you go and just keep going?   Which one do you think works? 













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