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12 Tips To Regain Work at Home Momentum

1. Organize your workspace
Sort, read and file all those "useful items" you printed out for"later".  Chances are you'll find a new idea to be excited about.
 2.  Do not work seven days a week...and...do not take 7 days off either!
Too much time spent working will lead to burnout....too much time  away from your business will "disconnect" you from it.
 3.  Re-think your timeline and expectations
It is not necessary to be full speed ahead every single day.  Steady progress will pay off just fine in the end.   Keep your  tasks in line with the time actually  available to do them.
 4. Limit the time you spend on chat rooms and forums.
Business forums and chat rooms can be motvational, but  remember that talking about working is NOT the same as  getting the work done!   Visit forums  AFTER you've done your  planned tasks  for the day....and keep an eye on the clock.
 5.  Avoid "complaint friends"
Don't trade e-mails or phone calls with others about how bad things are going.  This is a great DE-motivator and only spreads dissatisfaction.
 6.  Stay Positive -- even if you are pretending
A very successful man once told me that whenever anyone asked "How are you?" or "How is your day going?" he ALWAYS answered "FANTASTIC!"  He  realized that his day actually seemed to improve after he had said that a few times!     
 7.  Automate everything you possibly can
Yes, the personal touch is best -- but if adding the "personal touch"  means sending so many individual training letters and customized emails that you  become overwhelmed and quit....how does that "touch" anyone?
 8.  Do not use your home business as an excuse
If you find yourself telling  your son "I can't go to your ballgame because I have to answer all these emails" or your dog has given up on ever taking a walk   with you again...you are in a danger zone.
The danger is that repeating "I can't do that...or that....because I MUST work on this...and this" leads you to believe it's true. The next step is quitting due to  "too much stress".      
 9. Laugh at yourself and own your mistakes
So what if you sent out an email  with very strange margins.... or the changes to your website result in an error page?  The  world will not end.  Laugh it  off, shrug, and do it better next time.
10. Learn something new
This is one GREAT motivator.  If you have never used pay per click ads, learn about them.  Try a new software or autoresponder.  Using new tools for for   your business brings renewed excitement.
11.  Work THROUGH the "down times" 
Cut back on your work schedule and do the bare minimum to keep your business stable for a few days....but work SOME time each day.  Working TROUGH a "slump" will  lead to an even higher level of motivation and determination.

12. Always remember who the boss is.
Remind yourself often that this is YOUR business....it is what YOU want...and you can run it YOUR way.  The only employee you supervise is YOU....so  be a fair, yet demanding, boss!

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.   Please visit her sites at http://earn-extra-income-at-home.com and
http://www.1disaster-recovery.com .






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