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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Getting Started

Affiliate marketing is a good choice for those who want to start their own online Business, but don’t have a product or service of their own to sell

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell other people’s products or services for a commission. Online affiliate marketing is a very easy and inexpensive business to get started in.  You need a computer, an internet connection, and just a bit of knowledge...and you’re in business.  For beginners, affiliate programs may seem confusing at first, but it is very easy to learn.

Choose Your Market:

You need to do this before you choose any products to sell.  Finding the products to sell isn’t hard…determining the market that you will sell to is.

Choose Your Topic:

Using your list, choose a topic for your new website.  You don’t have to have a website to do affiliate marketing, but it is highly recommended that you do.  The website will be used to market the products you choose that fit your topic. Don’t try to market several different “topics” or types of products on one website.  Your website should be specific to one topic rather than a hodge podge of things to buy.  The topic that you chose is called your “niche”.

Do Your Research:

Let’s say that you’ve decided that you are indeed most interested in gardening, and that you want to start a gardening website. First, go to Yahoo Search Marketing and see how popular that topic is. Visit http://www.overture.com and click on resource center. Use the keyword selector tool to determine how popular your niche is. If it isn’t popular, you might want to rethink your niche until you find a topic that is popular in search engines. (Popular refers to how often the subject is searched for on the search engines.).

Get Your Content:

Once you’ve chosen your topic, you need content – lots and lots of content. You can write your own content (namely, articles and tutorials), use other peoples content, or hire someone to write content for you. If you write your own content, make sure that you are writing  articles related to your niche, and that it is targeting your keywords for your topic. You can learn more about this at The IM Connection at http://www.imconnection.com .

If you don’t want to write your own content, you can use content that others have written. There are many article directories, which are sometimes called article banks, around the internet. Just go to any search engine and type in ‘articles.’ At these sites, you will find tons of content that is free for use on your website – as long as the author is credited, and you do not change the article in anyway. You can get original articles written for you inexpensively at a site like Rent A Coder at http://www.rentacoder.com

Your Website:

Now, you need a website. Choose a web host and get signed up, and choose your domain name. The domain name needs to be as closely related to your niche as possible. For example, www.gardening.com would be perfect – but it is probably taken. You will have to try many variations to get a domain name that will work for your site.   For example, you might experiment with variations such

If you don’t know HTML, and you don’t have the first clue as to how to design a website, don’t panic. You can either hire someone to do this for you, or use tools that are provided by your web host. We were all beginners at one point, and you will get over this hump!

Another great possibility is to search online for a free WYSIWYG (what you see Is what you get) html editor.  One I’ve used very successfully is Mozilla Composer.  It’s a free download and has an excellent tutorial to help you learn to use the editor.  You can build your site and publish it to the web, too, with such a free editor.

Choosing Affiliate Programs and Products:

While your site is being designed, you need to start deciding which affiliate programs you will join. Affiliate marketing for beginners should start at one of the affiliate directories, such as Commission Junction, shareAsale, LinkTrade, and also affiliate programs such as ClickBank for ebooks.   The programs you choose should not be the exact same ones being promoted on every other site you find online.  Instead, try to find programs and products that fit your marketing (gardening in this case) and that pay a decent amount of commission.


Kay King works from her home on the Gulf Coast.  For more information, please visit her sites http://earn-extra-income-at-home , http://www.our-cats-rule.com and http://www.1disaster-recovery.com .



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