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Beating Your Head Against the Home Business Wall???

© Kay King

  There are "crisis points" for those starting and building a home based business just as there are "crisis points" for marriage!

The excitement of starting something new....the vast possibilities of being able to work at home, having checks for extra income coming into your mailbox in an unending stream, setting your own goals and schedules starts to fade a bit when faced with the reality that a home business is work.

When a carefully crafted advertising campaign simply disappears into cyberspace without providing any incoming business, it is easy to become discouraged.

When faced with days of adding reciprocal links to a new website, of finding relavantinformation and wading through the html to put them on your site, of having new affiliates sign up and then do nothing......it is common to wonder "what's the point"?

Fact is, building a successful home based business is much like working a "regular" job when you are first starting out....and for some time after that, too.  Testing your ads by comparing the results is not exciting.  Answering dozens of emails from new affiliates or potential customers asking the same question is a bit boring.

The first time period that seems to cause many to simply drop out of their home business effort is about one month after starting.  It is very common to hear those new to working online say "I know this takes time, but I've been working every day and I have seen no results".

What results should you expect after a month of working online?  You should fullly understand your product or the program you joined.  You should have a 6 month and one year plan in place outlining what work is necessary to accomplish a 6 month and a one year goal that you have set for yourself.

The next "drop out" point is 4-6 months after starting.  You should be seeing at least minimal results at the end of 6 months....and this is where you need to re-evaluate the methods you are using to build your business.  If you have not met your six month goal, perhaps your goal was not realistic.  Re-adjust, eliminate all tasks that are not actually contributing to your bottom line....automate as much as possible to free time to learn and implement new strategies for advertising and promotion.

If you have consistently worked on your business each week, by the end of six months you will be able to see where the weaknesses are -- and where your own strengths lie.  This is the time to set real goals for yourself.  Re-align your one year plan, add a two year plan and a 5 year plan.  That is what is meant by "this takes time".

Test, test, test....the wording on your website, the ads you are placing, the training you are providing to new affiliates.  Test two ads at a time, eliminate the one with lesser results...then test the "winner" against a new ad or promotion and eliminate the loser of that combination.

Spend the time you have available for building your business only on those tasks that are directly related to building that business.  You will have months where your results surge ahead and you feel you are truly making progress.   You will have other months where you feel you are sliding down the slippery slope.

Just keep going.....refining, testing, trying new promotions.  Always evaluate how you spend your time, always follow through on the tasks you start....and don't be hesitant to dump promotions or products that are not working for you.

Keep learning all you can about your own business, about what other successful home business owners are doing, about the newest methods available.  Focus on where you are going with your own business and use only those tools that apply to your business.

Keep your eyes on the end goal, on the long term.  Where will you be in 5 years if you just keep working on your home based business consistently week after week?

Where will you be in 5 years if you quit?

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  For more information , please visit her websites



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