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Working Online - A Reality Check

© Kay King

Many of those who would like to start an online business seem to think working online is "magic".  You put a web site "up" and people buy things and you make money....right?

Wrong!  Working online is.....work.   If you are expecting to make next month's rent....or quit your job in a couple of months.... it may not be for you.  There is no easy 1,2,3 way to make money on the internet -- no matter what the gurus tell you in their e-books.

There are expenses involved.   I receive e-mails almost every week from people who tell me they are starting an online business ...."but can't spend any money until I start making money online".

Reality check!   It is not going to happen.  That is like opening a brick and mortar store and saying you will "stock it" after you make some sales.

To be in business....you must act like a businessperson.  That means you do not use a FREE website and web hosting.  You choose an ISP that is conducive to doing business online.

Before even starting to work online, you need to plan what your expenses will be each month and prioritize the items and ads you will need.  Always keycode your ads so that you know which of your ads are bringing you business.

The good news is that starting an online business is the lowest cost way to start a business!  The costs of start-up are minimal and if you are working with a good company, you will have much of your training and resources provided at little or not cost to you.

Starting an online business takes time.  One month...three months....is not sufficient to  get started. You should give yourself one or two years to build your business to profitability -- just like an offline business.

It takes time to get good ranking and traffic for your website or websites;  it takes time to build a base of online customers or affiliates.

More good news....if you are patient and persistent....if you  invest a modest amount of money and time on a consistent basis into your online business -- you can be very successful and the success will last over the long term.

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  For more information , please visit her websites



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