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If you have ever worked in sales you know about "time crunch". You've had a slow day....or week or month, for that matter.  No one has wanted to buy your widget for any price.

Then, on Thursday, between 11 AM and 2 PM....everyone who reads the newspaper ad you placed wants to buy a widget!!! And they want it customized as you said you would do....and they want it delivered Friday before noon.  And you are running in circles, mumbling something that sounds like "aaarrrggghhhhh".

You KNOW what I mean!

Years of working in residential and commercial real estate sales left me frustrated with the work/time conflict.  You can show only so many houses a day.....you can work with only so many buyers and/or sellers in a two-day weekend......etc.

Quitting sales several years ago was a great relief.  Working a "regular" job with hourly pay allowed me time to develop other interests....including learning a little about computers.

Gradually (I'm a bit slow sometimes) I realized that internet marketing was the ANSWER to the "time crunch" I had felt when selling or marketing offline.

There are so many tools available for me to use that I really can be in several places at once.....and I can be earning income at each one of those places at the same time!!

E-mail programs, smart autoresponders with mail merge capacity, links on websites where people can automatically sign up....ask for nfo....make a purchase....become an affiliate ---- these are the staples of internet marketing.

If you aren't using them......start learning how.  Put yourself in many places at once -- even if you are physically hanging out at the beach.

Working online, time really can be your friend and the "time crunch" a thing of the past.

Kay King works from her home on the Gulf Coast.  For more articles
and information about her work at home business, please visit her sites:



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