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Site Builders

You have to have websites to work online.  If what you have is a site built for an mlm program or other "make money" product group, you don't really have your OWN site.

Building a website is amazingly easy with the right tools.

How do you put it online?  Very simple:

  • You get an account with a good hosting company
  • You build the site with a site building program that resides on your own computer
  • You upload the site to the host

How do you get the site from your computer to the host?

It's called ftp (file transfer protocol) and sounds very technical - but is easy to do

The best site builder has the ftp function built in - you just enter your site's domain information into the "publish" page of the site builder and click a button

Or you can use a free ftp program (I recommend coreftp lite as it's very easy to learn and use) and that program transfers the files of your new website from your computer directly to your hosting server account.

It's not rocket science!  It really is easy to learn and do - and it's critical to have your own site or sites for a real online business.

I fully recommendXsitePro as the best site builder.



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