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Hosting companies are the people who run the huge servers that keep sites visible online.  To use hosting, you establish an account with the host company and then you "point your domain" to that account.  A hosting account is not expensive and is a monthly charge.  The best have full instructions for new users and good customer service to answer questions you may have.

To point your domain you go to the place where you registered your domain and change the dns to match that given to you by your new hosting company.

Trying to use free hosting or find the cheapest host is a big mistake.  Hosting is the hub for your sites and you want a host company that is large, known for quality and reliability - and who will be around for years with no problems.

Hostgator is the hosting I fully recommend and I personally use.  I've used about ten other host accounts and each one had problems of one sort or another.  I've had no problems in the years I've used Hostgator.

Why not use free hosting?  Because you will have significant downtime when your sites are not visible, you will have ads showing on your site that make you no money, and the hosting can disappear at any time.

Changing hosting servers means re-installing all of your sites, repointing your domains - and is a time wasting, frustrating task.  Avoid it and go with good hosting from the start.

If you plan to build multiple sites, get the smallest "reseller account" from Hostgator.  For $24.95 per month you can host as many sites as you want.  You have a control panel to access all of the sites at once and a cpanel for each site to track everything that happens on your site.


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