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Whaddaya Mean I Have to Spend Money???

The Costs of Working at Home
© Kay King

If you are involved in any kind of downline program, such as an mlm, you hear this question often.  After all, it didn't cost anything to join....so this person signed up.

It didn't cost anything to go through the training....so they read through the website and start-up manual.  It doesn't cost anything to email their sponsor or upline....so they emailed something like "I'm new, help me".  

The next correspondence from the new member is shocked!!!

"Whaddaya mean -- I got to spend money???"
"I thought this was free".  "I joined to make money, not spend money".

The greatest resistance often is to my suggestion that they upgrade in order to maximize their commission potential.

Many of these people have spent hundreds of dollars on useless ebook "how tos" and software programs they will never use....but the idea of spending a couple dollars a day on their own business simply appalls them.

Another common response is  "I do plan to upgrade after I start seeing results".

"How do you plan to get those results? ", I ask them.

"I want to use free classified advertising."

Five years ago, I could have told this person exactly how to get a good start on his business without spending money money on advertising.  This is not true today!  Just as in the brick and mortar world, advertising has grown into a major industry online.

Consumers using the internet are no longer total innocents who believe anything they read.  They have learned (the hard way in many cases) that they can't always trust the "hype" online.  Free classifieds are read only by those who are placing their own free advertising.  The competition is fierce -- and the results are negligible.

I'm often told by new affiliates that they joined my downline because they had seen my ads before and because clearly I was reaching success in my business.

Yet when I tell them how to do the same....it's "whaddaya mean I have to spend money???"

Think about it, people!!!  Your business methods and advertising methods say a lot about your business.

How can you convince those joining under your sponsorship to upgrade to get started....when they can clearly see that you have not upgraded yourself?  If you want people to follow you -- you must lead!

What about these free methods?

    * a free website hosting company
    * a free email service
    * a free autoresponder
    * free advertising

Using nothing but free resources (many of which are loaded with ads for other businesses) tells your visitors that you do not spend money on your home business. This translates in their minds to "he's not making any money".

Web hosting has become very reasonable, often $5-$10 a month will pay for a reasonably good hosting service.

Nothing wrong with using free email accounts.  The only trick is finding free email services that have good delivery rates.

Delivery rate on free autoresponders is increasingly poor.  What point is there to sending carefully crafted letters to new members....if they are not received?

Free advertising can be useful if you have the time available to place massive amounts of free ads.  It should not be your only form of advertising.  Pay per click ads get much quicker and better results and are not terribly expensive to use IF you learn to use them efficiently.  The best recommendation is to use a combination of free and paid advertising techniques for maximum business exposure online.

To paraphrase an overused quote:

      When working on the internet.....
                .....you must spend some money to earn ANY money.

If you are one of those who believe that you can join a program, use all the freebies you can find....and be rich in a few months -- save yourself the
frustration and watch a movie instead.

It doesn't happen....it won't happen....the internet is a fantastic business opportunity for those willing to invest time and money.  It requires learning what works -- and applying that knowledge.

It is true that you can reach millions of potential customers using effective online advertising.  Where else can you do that for a few dollars a month?

If you knew that for every $5 you spent on effective advertising, you would get $7 worth of income into your home business....how often would you spend $5 ???  What if you could spend $50 on advertising and get $90 in business from that advertising?

I don't know about you....but I would happily place ads all day long!

Your goal is not reaching the potential customers....it is projecting what your product or opportunity will DO for them.  It is very hard to convince people to believe in your claims of success when they clearly see you have not followed the advice you are giving to them.

In many downline programs such as mlm's, it is useless to start your business without upgrading your member own status so as to earn the maximum commission amount possible for the sales you will have.

This new venture is your own business.

If you think it is worth nothing....chances are others will agree with you!


Author Kay King works from her home on the Gulf Coast.  For more articles and information about Kay's home business, please visit her websites...



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