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Realistic Timelines for your Home Based Business

© Kay King


The bottom line of profitability for your home business bears a direct
correlation to the amount of time you devote to working on that business.

Have you truly considered that?

It doesn't matter really how many weeks, months, or even years you have been building that home business -- your profit depends on how many hours each week you devote to working efficiently on the tasks necessary to build  that business.

The important word here is......efficiently !

Many who start a home business do so because they want to escape the 9-5 treadmill....or they just want to leave a job they dislike.  They see the
potential income of a work at home business as a way to escape FROM something they dislike.

It is not unusual for these same people to become quickly discouraged when the income from their new business venture doesn't quickly provide the "escape hatch" they were looking for.

If you are feeling this disappointment with your own work at home business....consider this:

In your "day job", you may work 8 hours a day....5 days a week.... for 30 or 40 years.  You do this to provide for yourself and your family....
and hope to have either saved enough to enjoy retirement or that your company's retirement benefits won't disappear in a bad economy along
the way.

If you spent 8 hours a day....5 days a week, working on your home business you would most likely secure your financial future in 5 years!!!

This will only work if you, as your own boss, insist on consistent productivity of your employee.  As the employee, you must meet the criteria you set for yourself as your own boss.

Convoluted thinking?  Not really.  The hard part of creating an online income is the part that has nothing to do with the internet or the business you joined -- it has only to do with you.

YOU are the "company".  YOU set the hours and decide what the requirements are for completing the work.  It really is all about you !!!

This does not mean that to reach success you "have to" work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on your own home business.  You can choose to work 1-2 hours a day....or 1-2 days a week.  It does mean that you need to have a plan of action, learn what is required, and allocate the time to build your business.

Your own home based business is the vehicle that can take you TO the lifestyle you want to live....not just away from the job you dislike.  Think of it as a project that you are working on.  Outline the plan for this project, set timelines to establish various parts of the project and a goal for completion (adequate net income) of that project.

Realize that if you just play with your home business....if you do not take charge of your time and your efforts and work seriously on your home business project -- you will not succeed.

The standard workplace rewards effective employees, and fires ineffective or lazy employees.  In today's economy, even some of the best employees can find themselves losing their jobs through no fault of their own -- and with no control over it at all.

Losing a job is a severe blow to your self esteem, even when you realize that the loss is not at all due to your own job performance.

Failing in a work at home business is worse -- because eventually you realize that YOU had the power to succeed and made the choice not to allocate the time and effort necessary to succeed.  If you had a good start and then just quit working on your home business after you suffered a setback or two....you are, in effect, firing yourself.

Success in business involves a lot of trial and error....tweaking, re-aligning.... trying it again.  This is the way all successful businesses of any kind are built.

The work at home/home based business concept is a hard one to grasp for those of us who have worked standard 9-5 jobs for many years.  If you can get your mind around the possibilities and see the first part of the path you must take to reach your goal, you are that much closer to realizing your dreams.

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  For more information , please visit her websites



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