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Work at Home Discipline

© Kay King

How many times have you read or been told that you must have self-discipline to work at home?

Truth is, there are two disciplines you need.

The first is obvious.  Are you able to work without someone looking over your shoulder ....without being "on the clock"....

If not, you can learn to do it!  What do you want to accomplish today...or this week?

       Add 10 links to your  website today?
       Add 30 links to your site this week?
       Send a weekly newletter?
       Write and/or submit ads for new products?
       Outline ideas for a new article? 

What must you do to get this task completed?  How long will it take?  Be realistic in planning the time necessary to complete each task.

Now....choose a time that you will start the task and give yourself the 30 minutes, 2 hours, or 5 hours that is needed to complete it.  Turn off your cell phone, let the answering machine pick up on your home phone. Sit down and work -- not "organize", not "surf", but WORK the full amount of time you have allotted.

This is one habit that is really good for you....and for your bottom line.

The second discipline you need is actually more difficult -- give yourself time off.  You have a life -- live it!  It is easy to become so involved in your online work that it consumes all of your expendable time.

I'm not suggesting "office hours", though some of the experts advise just that.  If you wanted to work 9-5, you'd be happy with a J.O.B.

The flexibility of working at home is of no use to you unless you take advantage of it.  The world won't come to an end if you take a beautiful Spring afternoon off to spend outside gardening or just sitting.

Plan your time off just as much as you plan your working time. Spend time with your family without checking your e-mails every 30 minutes....walk the dog....or play with him....give yourself a few hours of "just me" time each week.

This is especially important to those who are starting an online business while also working their "day job".  Commuting to their job, working 8 hours, then home, then online to work on their business....then a few hours of sleep (very few, sometimes), and it starts over again.

Yes, you do need to put in those hours online so that you can eventually make your "day job" go away.  You also need time to rejuvenate your body and your mind.

Exercise in the morning before working will do wonders for your day.  A brisk walk around the block, some simple stretches, or a regular routine -- what you do is not as important as that you do it daily.

If you feel like you are wasting time, don't forget multi-tasking. Use your exercise time to wake up your mind...plan your day....set your priorities.  Think about the points to cover in your weekly newsletter while taking a walk.  Just don't forget the "multi" part -- keep your head up so you don't miss the view and the rainbows!

Every evening should contain "unwind" time....with the newspaper or a book, a cup of hot chocolate or tea...or a favorite TV program.  For those with children, this might be homework time, or game time, or "how did your day go" time.

Occasionally, take an entire day off (gasp!) and just be lazy.  Read a non-business book, take a lazy bath or a nap, work on your hobbies, paint a room...whatever you want to do.

Working online can be addictive and often you can find yourself "working" even though you've completed all your tasks.  When you are finished...stop.

Create your online success as a part of your life....don't let it become your life.

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  For more information , please visit her websites



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