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Keeping Your Momentum - Staying the Course

© Kay King


In the first excitement of building a home business, there is  much to learn and so many tasks to do that you rush to your computer each day with ideas for advertising, website changes, niche marketing...on and on.

Your mind races with the possibilities you see ahead. Whether selling e-books, promoting affiliate programs, or  working with a multi-level marketing company. your goals are clear:  build a business, earn income.

Why, then, do 95% of those who start an online business simply disappear from view?  Many of those who drop out were the most promising new talent when they began.  They  purchased training courses and ebooks to learn about their new business (and a few actually read them!); they visited forums and asked questions, some e-mailed their sponsors or company headquarters with suggestions and ideas.

And then, they just quit!  Drop out!  Disappear!

What happens?    Very simply, they lose their motivation.  They work hard at getting started but when the business becomes a day to day reality, they lose interest.  The results (in sales or income) of their initial burst of enthusiasm weren't as good as expected.  It wasn't quite as easy to sell the products or recruit new affiliates as they thought it would be.

Often, the "business plan" of the person new to online business consists of "getting started".....and "getting rich".

How do you get from point A (start-up) to point Z (success) without losing your motivation?  Planning....focus....consistent effort.

A business plan is not how much money you want....it is what you need to accomplish to earn that money!

Focus on one business opportunity.  Joining one opportunity after another dilutes your efforts in all of them.  Concentrate on one plan....one business ....until you see success.  Then you might consider adding another "opportunity" .

You will have much better results from a work schedule that allots time each day to your business than from frantically working for ten hours one day a week.  Consistently answer your emails, place your ads, add links to your website.  This avoids the "gotta catch up" feeling that leads to burnout.

Make your online business a regular part of the schedule of your life.  Plan what needs to be done today, tomorrow, next week, next month-- If you need to send a training e-mail or advice to those you work with in your business, decide what day you will do it and build it into your schedule for that day.
Stay the course!  As you see results...as your business grows (whether fast or slow), your motivation will return in the form of determination.  There will be days and weeks when you will simply want to walk away from your home business.  If you give in, you will never find success!  If you work through the difficult times, doing the routine tasks needed to keep your business stable ....you can build a profitable online business.

Motivation comes....and goes....and comes again.  The"secret" to realizing your dreams is exercising the self-discipline to continue to put forth at least some effort.  Even a half-hearted consistent effort can yield results....and results will re-energize you.

You will  be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and self-respect that those who quit will never know.

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
For more information  please visit her websites



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