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Do You Have What it Takes to Work at Home ?

© Kay King

  Perhaps the most common traits of those new to internet marketing and affiliate programs are unrealistic expectations....and fear.

Working online is....working.  Just as you must put in your hours at your JOB to earn your salary, you must put hours in your home business to make an income online.

The internet is a magical place ... ordinary, every-day people with average skills can make a living online.  They can start a business for a very small investment and can build it into a full time income that will provide a lifestyle their JOB will never give them.

Yet working on the internet is not "magic".  It is not as simple as joining an "opportunity" and waiting for the checks to arrive.  You can buy or build all the websites you want....but if you do not bother to learn how to promote your websites, no one will visit them.

Do YOU have what it takes?

Are you willing to invest time AND money to get your business off and running on the internet?

Yes, I said TIME....and....MONEY.  There are various combinations of the two that can result in success in an online business.  You can invest a lot of time and a little money.....or more money and  less time.  Both of these investments are an absolute requirement of online success.

Most of the initial time investment will be spent just learning what you need to know.  Working online is not terribly hard....but as with anything you accomplish in life, there is much to be learned.

Two of the best personal traits you can have for working online are curiosity and common sense.  If you are one of those people who want to know how things work, you will love working online.  What seems so hard in the beginning....how to do things, where to find things, etc. -- is quite easy once you take the time to learn the process.

Common sense is what keeps you on track.  When you start a home business on the internet, you are "out there".  You will find yourself receiving offers for mailing lists, for traffic systems, for "fail-proof" success for free.

Do YOU have what it takes?

Are you afraid of what others might think of you?  Why?  The same skeptics who will tell you everything online is a "scam" will be the same people who will be "proud" of you when you are successful.

Do you always believe what "they" say?   Or do you wonder just who "they" are?  Analyze everything that comes to you.   Do you really believe that you are so special that a person or company who has no information about you (except your name and email address) has
chosen YOU to give free things to?

What two questions should you ask?

"What's in it for them?"    and
"What's in it for me?"

You are in charge of your time, your money and your business online. No one else can "give" you success.  You must carefully evaluate every single purchase or investment you make or you risk wasting time and money instead of USING it for your success.

When you choose the type of online business you will start or the marketing company you will join, do your resarch.  YOU decide the amount of time and money you are willing to spend.

Once you have chosen your opportunity, learn everything you can about the product and/or the company.  People will not buy from you just because you say they should.

Do you have what it takes to work online?

Of course you do.  Pick your online business....invest some time and some money....make a realistic plan of attack (a/k/a a "business plan") and GO fot it!!

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  For more information , please visit her websites



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