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Work at Home with a Business Attitude

© Kay King

In a home based business, presenting the right attitude - a self-confident attitude - is crucial.

If you've ever been broke, you know that the hardest time to earn any money is when you really need it.

If you are desperate to make a sale.....it doesn't happen, because your desperation "shows".

Starting your home business is much the same.  If you expect failure, all you have to do is nothing.  By doing nothing, you will ensure that
your work at home business will not prosper.  Gee -- you'll be RIGHT!!!

If you expect success, that will happen IF you do what is necessary to bring Mr. Success to your door .

If you start throwing out ads here and there....posting flyers on poles and in laundromats, etc ... you might as well do nothing.


When writing ads, or posting flyers....when talking to friends or sending follow-up messages to your affiliates............look at what you are saying/writing from THEIR point of view.

Your business plan is about what you need to do this week....next week....next month....next year.  It is not "I want $$$".  If you help people to succeed, if you give of yourself and your time and really care about how well THEY are doing....you will find that YOU will do very well indeed!

When you send emails to your Sponsor or PTL....or to your own sponsored affiliates -- sign your name!!!  They are not psychic (although I have, on occasion been called "psycho" ...closely related, I believe).

The attitude you want to have is SUCCESS.  Accept that you are on your way to a better quality of life....have some faith in yourself and your ideas.  It works!

Failure to take advantage of an opportunity does not mean it was not a valid opportunity.  It just means YOU didn't use the opportunity to YOUR advantage.

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  For more information , please visit her websites





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