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If You Build It - Will They Come???

Kay King


Do you have your own website?   Are you sure?

Many work at home opportunities and home based businesses advertise that "you will have your own website"....or even "you will have multiple websites". If that is what you consider "your website"....it's not.

These are known as "gateway sites" and they are extremely useful when used properly.  Designed by professionals, written by experienced copywriters, these sites can do a great job of selling your product or opportunity.

But first....you must get visitors to the site.  These "gateway" sites are the same for all who sign up for that business.  They cannot be edited, or have link pages added, or have other content added -- and these are all the things that need to be done to bring visitors to the site.

A successful web site is one with many visitors every day.  That can only be accomplished by having the ability to "optimize" your site and have it ranked in the search engines. 

You may notice that when you search for a specific item or phrase using a search engine a line of text appears on the results page.

That line may say something like "your search resulted in 1,218,369 sites found".  Do you think anyone ever sees #16,874?  Of course not.  What you are shown by the search engine are ony those sites that are considered "good" by the SE due to the content of that particular site.  Sites with higher "ranking" appear in the first few pages of the results.

The next step, then, is building your own personal business website.  This site will tell a bit about who you are....have pages of reciprocal links (links to other websites, which in turn provide links back to your site)....have pages of articles, tutorials, and perhaps some affiliate programs, too.

On this personal business website, you can add "text links" which will lead your visitor to your gateway sites.  You can write your own articles for your site and can also use some of the thousands of good articles available online by other authors (always giving proper credit to the author).

Your goal in linking and adding content is to please both your site visitors and the search engines.  The goal is that when a visitor is searching for the keywords of your type of business, the results they receive from the search engine will have YOUR site listed in the first 3 pages or so of results.  First page placement is ideal, but not always realistic.

When advertising your site, your goal is to get as many good visitors as possible to your personal website. I say "good" visitors because you want visitors who actually have an interest in what you have to offer.

There is no point in attracting 50,000 visitors through a viral traffic exchange if many of those visitors are looking for "car parts"....and what your site promotes is "pet food".

Once your site is built and online, you will need to learn how to promote it to get the targeted visitors that are likely to join your program or purchase your products.

You will use pay per click campaigns, add lots of content (the articles, etc. mentioned above).  You will have easy-on-the-eye colors....easy to read text....will not load your site with banners so it resembles a blinking Christmas tree.....you get the idea.

Learning to build a website and to upload it to your web host is not a difficult process at all.  There are many, many programs online to help you.  Some are free...some quite expensive.  The free and/or very inexpensive ones will require a bit more of your time -- but you will also learn much more in the process.

Web hosting is a different matter.  You do not need expensive hosting, but should never (listen as I repeat that word -- never) use free web hosting for a personal business site.  The reason is simple -- internet users are quite a bit more sophisticated and knowledgable now than they were just 2-3 years ago.

It says a lot about your claim to "success" if you are using a "free" webhost.  The good news is that high quality hosting is available at very reasonable fees now as the competition has grown. 

"If you build it -- will they come?" depends on YOU.  If you build a good site, do the work required to make it a better....and better....and better....site, yes, they WILL come!  And your home based business will grow and grow.

What are you waiting for???

Author Kay King works from her home on the Gulf Coast.  For more articles and
information about her home business, please visit Kay's websites:



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