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Organize Your Self

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Keeping "busy" does not always equate with "getting work done".  keep a mental list (or write a list if you need to) of what needs to be accomplished this week -- and today.  Hours spent sufing the web, talking to friends on the phone, using Instant Messenger for conversations, reading forums or posting in chat rooms are not "work time".  As you work in your home office space, occasionally ask yourself "Is what I am currently doing helping to build my online business?".

If you are like most of us, occasionally the answer will be "No, it's not".

Perhaps you need to add more reciprocal links to your website.  How many do you plan to add this week?  How many will you add today? When you begin a task, finish it.  It is easy to become distracted when you are working at home and some interruptions are unavoidable.

Of course you cannot ignore a child who needs your attention, or a pet that needs to go out...or come in....or go out...   Do what needs to be done and then when you return to your office space, start up exactly where you left off.

Evaluate yourself and your work habits.  There are times when what you need to do is to search the web and take a look at competitor's sites or products similar to the ones you are promoting.  That is surfing with a purpose.

If what you need to do today is add reciprocal links, then add them.  Do not veer off when you see an interesting site and start reading and forget that your purpose is to add links.  Instead, bookmark the site and check it later.

If you need to contact your distributors or affiliates about a new procedure or a new product, do it.  If writing the letter is difficult for you, first outline the points you want to cover....then cover them and send the letters.  If there is a task that needs to be done....find a way to do it that suits your work habits.

Approach your "to do" list with a sense of urgency.  These things NEED to be done to enhance or build your business. 

At the end of each day that you work on your business, look closely at what you have accomplished.  If you worked 5 hours and did not complete the tasks you had planned for today, ask why.  Did you plan too much....or did you not work as efficiently as you might have?

At least once a week, evaluate your personal progress.  Can you accomplish more in the time you allot to working on your home business?  Are you trying to keep up an unrealistically fast pace of growth?   When you are building a work at home business online to earn extra income, a faster pace does not necessarily result in faster results.

Be honest with yourself but skip the guilt trips.  This is your work at home business....run it in the way that is most efficient and and workable for you!

Author Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  For more information , please visit her websites



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